Ground Loading Trailer


The ground loading trailer is a simple flatdeck trailer that has the convenience of having a deck that lowers to the ground for quick, safe and easy loading of motorcycles, 4 wheel bikes, jetskis, furniture or just about anything that requires roll on/roll off loading.


Release the locking latch, unwind the winch and the rear end of the trailer lowers to the ground. On level ground the deck incline is a very shallow 6 degrees, and with the choice of either a fixed or hinging rear ramp, loading this trailer is a breeze!Bike-on-up-trailer-2.png

The trailer has a tare weight of around 320kg and with a 1000kg GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) can take a load of up to 680kg. These plans include the fitting of hydraulic override disc brakes with reference to non braking if required.


The deck is 2.85m long and 1.5m wide with rear corner platforms for ease of access to the trailer and its load.


With quick fit accessory pockets positioned around the trailer, a multitude of accessories can be fitted quickly and easily.


Whether you need to convert from a 3 bike motorcycle rack to sides for moving some bricks or soil, or from moving your ride on mower to launching your jet ski, a couple of turns of the spanner and you effectively have a built for purpose multi tasking trailer!

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Ground Loading Trailer Plan


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