7' x 4'6" Single Axle Trailer


7' x 4'6" trailer is one of the handiest trailers around, not too big or too small!

One of the most popular single axle trailer sizes in New Zealand is the ultra useful 7' x 4'6" trailer.

Not too big and not too small, this trailer will comfortably suit the needs of the home handyman or gardener to the commercial builder or landscaper.

Fold the front tailgate and remove the rear to fit longer lengths of timber or to run the ride-on mower down to the shop for servicing. Fit sides to the trailer and pick up a couple of sheep to fatten up for the freezer or take you rubbish to the tip, this trailer will do it!

Perfect for towing behind an SUV or similar vehicle due to the additional 6" on the width (150mm), which allows the driver to see the trailer from his side mirrors.

Specifications -

- Deck Size 2150mm x 1370mm (7' x 4'6")
- Single axle 14" wheels
- Fully welded steel chassis
- Steel panel sides/tailgates
- Hinging front and rear tailgate
- Full length tie rails
- 17mm Plywood decking (options available - See "Trailer Decking" )
- 1500kg GVW/GTM (can be upgraded if required)
- Tare Weight 255kg
- Maximum load capacity 1245kg unbraked (NZ)
- Maximum load capacity 495kg unbraked, 1245kg braked (Australia)
- Brakes optional (See "Legal Braking Requirements NZ & Australia" for more information)

NOTE -If are contemplating galvanising your trailer it pays to do a bit of prep work on your cross members prior to welding. Please check the Pre-Finishing page prior to starting.

Lets get building now -

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