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I have a wide selection of trailer plans for various applications all available to view for free. If you are serious about building your own trailer most of the plans are available to buy as a digital download for the cost of a coffee. Buying plans helps support my efforts so show some appreciation and buy some of the plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trailer should I choose?

You may think that you will only use a trailer a couple of times a year, the reality is that once you have your own trailer, you will find more uses for it than you can ever imagine!

Read  Which trailer do I need? for more information.

Should I build or buy a trailer?

There is something very rewarding about building your own trailer but remember that building a trailer is not necessarily the cheapest option.

Read Build or Buy page for more information.

Should I buy a second hand or cheap trailer?

If you are buying second hand, get a second opinion from your local mechanic or take a pair of overalls, torch, a car jack and small hammer with you and get under the trailer and give it a good check out. Buying a cheap mass produced trailer may seem like an attractive option due to its affordability, however there are both pros and cons to consider before making a decision.

Read Buying a Cheap Trailer and Buying a Second Hand Trailer for more information.