3.6 x 2.0m Flatdeck Trailer



3.6 x 2.0m flatbed trailer with headboard and sides

The Flatdeck trailer is a popular trailer for commercial and farming applications. With its larger, un-hindered deck area, slightly raised deck height, and 360 degree deck access, loading and unloading is a breeze. Whether you are manually lifting goods on and off or using a forkhoist, the flatdeck trailer can handle the big loads, quickly and efficiently.flatdeck trailer with drop sides

Great for builders, roofing contractors, plumbers, farmers, apiarists, orchardists, hire companies, bulk material handlers, machinery dealerships, in fact for anyone that needs to move the big items quickly with minimal fuss and handling.

This trailer has options for a removable headboard and folding and removable sides and tailgate. The sides can be used as lightweight ramps if required. Strong, full length tie rails along the trailer allows your load to be quickly secured.

This trailer is suitable to be fitted with hydraulic surge brakes for a gross load capacity of 2500kg (NZ) or 2000kg (Aust.) Its real strength shows through when fitted with electric brakes for a 3500kg GVM/GTW.

flatbed trailer with folding sides and removable headboardSpecifications -

- Deck Size 3.6 x 2.0m
- Tandem axle 14" wheels
- Oscillating load sharing suspension
- Fully welded steel chassis
- 17mm Plywood decking (options available - See "Trailer Decking" )
- Full length tie rails
- Fully protected front and rear lights
- Optional removable headboard (500mm high)
- Optional folding and removable sides and tailgate (300mm high)
- Tare weight unbraked - 530kg (without Headboard, sides & tailgate)
- Maximum load capacity 1470kg unbraked (NZ)
- Maximum load capacity 220kg unbraked (Australia)
- Maximum 3500kg GVM/GTM depending on braking options - See "Legal Braking Requirements NZ & Australia" for more information

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Flatdeck Trailer Plan


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